Porkchops minus the applesauce

So I ate semi healthy tonight, which was nice. My brother in law had a couple pork chops for me, so I cooked them on the stove… Granted they were fried but they were yummy!

Still drinking my diet soda, so I am proud of myself for that change… I weighed myself the other day at I was hoping to be under 400lbs but that wasn’t the case… I was exactly 400lbs, I guess I thought I had lost more weight than that. I probably lost what I thought, just didn’t realize how much I weighed…

I have also realized how much I love apples. My sister has been getting apples called Honeycrisp. They are very sweet and delicious!

My next goal is to incorporate some physical activity. Getting a job will hopefully help with that… I am nervous about getting a job though. Probably because of my depression and the PTSD.