Pushing yourself

Obviously within reason…

Tonight I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. It was about 8pm and I was getting really tired… I mean fall asleep at the couch tired. My first thought was to go right to bed but I started to think about this video game for the xbox called Just Dance. So against my better judgment I asked my nephew if he wanted to play. I kind of hoped he would have said no.

Well he said yes… after he finished his current game. The day before I had got a bottle water with a filter in it to start drinking water. I really had a mental block against drinking water. All day I couldn’t get myself to fill it up and start drinking h2o! Well if I was going to commit to some exercise I figured I best commit to drinking water, as I would need it from the dancing.

My nephew popped the game in and the first song we danced to was Rock Lobster by The B52’s. I am sure he had no idea who or what the B52’s were? At the end of the song he wanted to know what a rock lobster was.

This dance number had kicks, turns, and various other dance moves. At one point I had to get on my knees, which wasn’t a fun or pretty sight. It took me a while to get to my knees and then even longer to get up… Thankfully I cheated and just did the hand motions. I am great at jazz hands! By the time the number was done I was exhausted to the point where I could barely breath. I kept saying OMG… over and over. I think my nephew thought I was about to die.

I was for sure I was done. I was too winded to think about doing another song. My chest felt like it was filled full of rocks and my legs felt like jello. I will admit I had a blast. Even though I barely could breath I was like damn that was fun! Earlier my nephew he is skinny said he was in shape already and didn’t need to eat the green beans I made him. So it was a super victory to beat him, especially being how out of shape I am. I mean I am over 400lbs! 🙂

Exercise is not in my vocabulary. I sit around. I have master the art of coach potatoing. If it was a subject I would not only ace the course but teach it as well. So the fact that tonight I exercised for a little bit was huge. Though I do try to get some by doing things like parking further than I have to when I go shopping but that is minimal.

So as I was dying on the couch, trying to drink the water out of my bottle faster than it was prepared for, my sister and four year old niece joined in on the action. I will admit it was fun to watch my niece dance. She did very well. She will die to know that you can download Gangnam Style, as that is one of her favorite songs to dance to.

After a few songs the music got to me and I was back up kicking up on the dance floor, I mean living room floor… I was back on top and dancing my heart away. I was having so much fun, that I forgot it was exercise. One song turned into four by the time we were finished. I had pushed myself to do three more songs than I planned too. Now I am wide awake and full of energy.

I told my sister that Just Dance is now apart of our get healthy campaign. It is so much fun. Dancing is one of my favorite past times. As I gained all this weight I stopped going out dancing. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would dance again, especially with the shape my knees had been in lately. Dancing is one thing that I have always been confident about. People could say what they wanted about me, call me every name of the book but they couldn’t call me a bad dancer. Well they could but I wouldn’t believe them. In High School I was known as the dancer. I would love to go out on the dance floor and lose myself in a world of music.

So now I am hooked. I need to buy the other four previous versions. They have such great songs. I think Just Dance is going to become a big part of my exercise routine and a big boost in helping me to lose weight…

So not only did I push myself to exercise tonight but I started drinking water and I pushed myself further in exercising longer. Like I said at the start of this post pushing yourself is good as long as it is in reason. I knew when to stop. If I would have done any more songs I would have felt it.

So I really need to work on incorporating this idea of pushing myself in other aspects in my life. This is a great start. I guess we can say this is my training to take on the world. Once I am ready nothing will be able to stop my awesomeness!

I really have to give myself a lot of credit in the progress I have made over the last few weeks. Yesterday I had pizza which was the first time in over a week. Typically when I get pizza (which was often) I would usually overeat. Even with getting pizza yesterday I still stayed within my calorie range. Even today with having the last few pieces I stayed under 1k of what I could have in calories. Plus I ate lots of fruits as snacks and some green beans for dinner.

After my work out I was starving so I made myself a ham sandwich. It felt like the best ham sandwich that I had ever tasted. I really wanted another sandwich, it tasted that good. I still had 1k calories left, so I could have had another sandwich but I thought about it being almost 11pm. So I had to will power to say no. That is new territory for me. A few weeks ago I would have had that second sandwich in a heart beat. So more progress!!! Sorry if I am tooting my horn but I think I earned it. I call it positive reinforcement! 🙂

I also pushed myself to not sleep the day away, even though I hadn’t gotten a full night’s rest. It feels great to be taking care of myself. Loving myself feels even better! Keep it up!!

If you are in my boat and are trying to get more healthy, you can do it. Trust me I know how tough it is. Keep at it. Find what works for you. Be gentle. I will be your cheerleader!!! Support is huge I am learning. It has helped to know that my sister and brother in law are eating more healthy too. We are all in this together. exercise


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