This Is What I Have Learned So Far…

So I had this idea to blog about what I have learned about myself during the last few weeks of becoming more healthier with my food choices…

– I don’t chew my food. I take big bites and swallow. I have to remind myself to take small bites and chew… Seems simple but not for me. Honestly I am not even really getting a chance to taste the food this way. I need to slow down and savor my food. I will enjoy it much more.

– I love green beans about the only vegetable I do like minus corn and potatoes. I know they aren’t a veggie! Granted I usually put butter and salt on my green beans but this is a great start. and no… I don’t like broccoli, or lettuce… or _________… (any other veggie people ask me)

– Wheat, flour, etc not only has a lot of calories but carbs as well. I have to admit I LOVE bread…

– Anything sweet you can bet it will be over 100 calories and that is on the modest side… and a small portion at that. I do love my sweets though. It will be something I work on down the road.

– Pork has a lot of sodium. Sodium is another thing I will need to work on down the road, especially with my high blood pressure.

– Buy fresh chicken breast, not the frozen in the bag… The frozen variety isn’t as healthy as it has a higher sodium count. I’ve known this for a while but felt it was a good tip to share with others.

– Posting pictures of your food not only helps with encouragement and support from others but also something to be proud of. I am proud of my choice to be more healthy. It can also keep you honest, if your beans are covered in butter… oppss!!! 🙂

– When you are really depressed small chores like brushing your teeth seem momentousness. It feels like you are moving mountains with that toothbrush! Also I have be very careful because when I get depressed I am more likely to self medicate with unhealthy food.

– I love to snack… Having healthier food around like fruit will help me make better choices.

– I struggle with knowing when I am full. Trying to lose weight when you an emotional eater is tough. I am learning to suffer through hunger pains, at least I think they are hunger pains. Usually in the past I know I am full when I am stuffed but I am trying to not do that. So it makes it a big challenge.

-Applesauce is yummy… plus it is a drink, a dessert, a fruit and a food group all in one. The little snack cups are very convenient.

-I forced myself to eat broccoli the other day. I will admit it wasn’t easy… and it didn’t taste very well either…. At least I tried it!!! 🙂

-I haven’t had a Pepsi in almost two weeks, not even a 20 ounce. Granted I did have a fountain drink of coke and mt. dew a few times.. but still no Pepsi.

– Obviously water is very important and I really don’t drink it… I have found the vitamin enhanced water beverages to be very good. They are zero calorie. They do have 7 carbs though. I have started to drink these until I can switch over to regular water, which I hope to do soon. I have found that I will drink water more if I have a container that has a pop top, I need to get me one.

– Quaker Stila crispy oat cookie bars are the weirdest thing I have ever ate. It has a very weird texture and very little taste. It must be what cardboard tastes like… Who knew that cardboard had 100 calories!!

– Sugar can cause joint pain and inflammation. I noticed when I was drinking Pepsi heavily I would have severe joint pain to the point where I had trouble with mobility. I struggled getting up and down, walking and keeping my knees at certain angles. Now that I am off the Pepsi my joint pain is almost gone, same for the lack of mobility. This is a huge incentive to not drink Pepsi!!!

– I don’t like to call what I am doing a diet… That is such a naughty word for me. It seems so restrictive and limiting. For me it is about becoming more healthy, thinking about what I put into my body. I think losing weight is all about finding what works for you.

– I am not telling myself I can’t ever have certain food, even Pepsi… because when I do that I am just putting the item in my hand. Moderation is key. Counting my calories helps me still have the food I like plus helps me to add foods that are more healthy. If I have only 500 calories left for the day, I am less likely to choose a sweet that will take up all those points. Having choices helps me a lot.

– I haven’t had pizza in over a week. This is another huge feat for me because Pizza is my favorite food. Again it is moderation. Tomorrow I am treating myself to pizza. Now the bigger challenge will be not getting Pepsi with my pizza, which is something I usually always do. They go hand to hand with each other. Though the last time I had pizza I didn’t get a Pepsi. Which was the first time in ages that I have done that!!!

– I ate vegetables four days in a row. I think I probably had more veggies in four days than I have ate the last two years minus potatoes and corn. Plus I have been eating apples as well. I need to start eating more fruit, since I am not a huge fan of veggies. I also should try to like carrots. They are the only veggie I can tolerate outside of green beans. I don’t dislike carrots, I just never been a fan. They have a weird texture.

– Since becoming more healthy (the weight loss I can notice also helps) I notice I am looking at myself differently in the mirror. I still don’t like what I see but I am liking my body better. I still have times when I look in the mirror and ugly comes to mind. So this is going to be a long process and won’t only involve diet changes but therapy as well.

– Now that I am counting my calories I am noticing often times I stay well under my daily limit. This is usually when I make my meals at home. When I eat out, I usually am at my limit!!! Looking at the ingredient labels of food has been a totally shocking experience, like for example Kraft Macaroni & Cheese!!! I love KMC, it is one of my favorite foods. When I first started to calorie count I ate a whole box thinking the calories wouldn’t be that much… well 1200 calories later I was shocked.

– Don’t be afraid to ask a restaurant for a calorie guide for the food. If they are a large chain they most likely will have it. When we took my niece out to Old Chicago the waitress brought us one and it helped me pick out my food.

– I use MyFitnessPal to count my calories. It is totally free!!! You can scan products and search their endless database for items. They even have restaurants as well. They have a great app for android, iPhone, etc. Even if you don’t have a high tech phone you can use their website:

Well I think this is plenty. I am sure this list will grow as the weeks pass by. Hope this helps others. Huggs


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