Reclaim your body!!!


For those who like me struggle with their body image it might be helpful for you to reclaim your body in a more positive light. I recently discovered that I had never saw my body as beautiful. It all started when I was ten years old and I was sexually molested. From then on I saw my body as dirty. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized I viewed my body as dirty.

Realizing that I viewed my body as dirty helped bring to light my struggle. I have always struggled with my weight and I knew there was much more to it than unhealthy eating choices, which that does play a role…


Once I realized I viewed my body as not pure, I had this vision of a secret garden. A place that was sacred, that no one could enter without your permission. For the longest time I left the door off wide open and let anyone come in to trample all over my beautiful flowers. Twenty five years later my garden turned into a dump.

Well now it is time to clean up, close and lock that door and replant all those beautiful flowers. I am reclaiming my body as pure and beautiful. I am starting to think about what kinds of things I will let into my body like people, food, etc.

You are welcome to use the secret garden analogy or you can come up with anything positive to help you build your own sanctuary. I think it is important to have a place that you can put a wall around it with a door that you can lock. For me it is helpful to visualize my own personal safety.

Realizing that I have the choice of who enters and who isn’t allowed, is monumental.


I am starting to put pictures of my secret garden all around me. You can google secret garden and find some nice images. Again you don’t have to use that term, even flower will pull up lots of beautiful results. Anything that you view as healthy, pure and beautiful will work.

Another idea that I just had you can also install some sort of security system in your secret garden, like a dog or what ever you can visualize to protect you. You really can be as creative as you want with this.

Print a picture of a secret garden or whatever your sanctuary is. Then below it or on the back of it, write down all your positive qualities. It is alright if you struggle with this, even if you have a few that is a start. You will find that as you start to heal that list will grow. You can always add more to the list later on. Now put the piece of paper up where you can see it daily, to remind yourself of the good that is within you.

On another piece of paper write down all the negative feelings that you have about yourself. Write them however you want. Then take that piece of paper crumple it up, tear it up and throw it away in the garbage. This will visualize that these feelings are not apart of you.

This isn’t just for people who are overweight, this is for men and women. Anyone that wants to reclaim their body in a positive light. Whenever you start to have these negative feelings pop up in your head, visualize your secret garden. Tell yourself that these feelings are not true. You are beautiful and pure just like your secret garden.



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