Why do bad things happen to innocent people?

As I woke up to read about yesterday’s tragedy on my Facebook feed I could help but swear out loud in my room. I did it loudly enough that my nine year old nephew came into my room to make sure I was alright… I was so angry I felt like punching the wall, which I didn’t. For the next thirty minutes the only words that came to my mind were fuck, fuck, fuck…

Oh and why??? why??? why??? I couldn’t make any sense of what had happened and the fact that this monster took his his psychotic issues out on poor defenseless little children!!! Now with losing my Mama I was already at a breaking point of anger and wondering why, so this just put me right over the edge.

20 children. 20 pure souls. GONE!!! Just like that…

Obviously this monster had an insurmountable amount of issues but why take the lives of others. If you hate life that bad just kill yourself. Why do you have to bring others down with you, especially those you don’t even know??? I know these are all rational questions for an insane person.

It is ironic that this happens on the same day I write about the END OF THE WORLD… Well when something tragic like this happens it makes me question are we at the brink of something? It is scary to think of.

For my brain to wrap around that we live in a world where nut jobs will take multiple guns into public places and start playing their own version of a shooting game. It makes me want to pack things up and go into hiding. My heart can’t take that there is that much evil out in this world.

Then you see the various responses to the tragedy mostly sympathetic and heart breaking.  There are those who feel that this tragedy happened because God is punishing us. I saw a picture floating around that says this:


It is hard for me to believe that there are those that believe 20 children were killed because the USA won’t allow school prayer??? Like seriously are you arguing that the blood of these poor innocent children were because God was trying to teach us a lesson? It goes back to this idea that some believe that God is only available to the few select. If you aren’t white, christian, heterosexual and are literate then you don’t get to go to heaven? In a world filled full of multi-cultured human beings why would go create a vision that was so narrow and restricting???

If anything that this world needs is love. Even atheists who don’t believe in God believe in love. That is universal. Look how we treat each other. Let’s start with that.

Then you have the other extreme who put down those who are praying for the victims and families, etc. Here is picture I found on facebook related to that:


Then you have those who are so desensitized by violence that they don’t see the connections and just move on like nothing happened. One of the businesses that I have liked on facebook posted this item available for sale on the same day of this tragedy:


Personally I didn’t think it was very sensitive to post something like that on a day where 20 children today. Well the person running the Facebook page didn’t see it my way and proceeded to let me have it for saying he was disrespectful. Another person defended him by saying  “the Freddy Krueger statue is a statue of a fictional character nothing more.”

Yesterday was a day when fiction came reality. They just didn’t get the symbolism of this statue.  Sure I get that Freddy is a fictional character but the fact is that violent acts like this one only prove that these characters do exist and the fact that he is holding a supposed doll just in my eyes represents the victims in this case. Violent acts like this are nightmare’s come true. This businesses Facebook page never once offered any support or condolences over this tragedy. Posting a product on a day like this is not only insensitive but very disrespectful to the victims and families, whether the owner wants to see it or not. The country is in mourning, as well as this is a reminder of those survivors of other mass shootings.

Then you start talking about gun control and people really start arguing. People are worried about others taking their guns away.


In Michigan alone our legislators just approved a measure that would allow concealed guns in our schools and churches. Granted I know if a crazy person wants to kill people they will but why make it so easy for them? Why are assault weapons available to the public? Another picture on facebook said that you can take away weapons but you won’t disarm evil. Sure that might be try but there are things we can do to better protect ourselves.

Like why aren’t schools locked? Granted I live in a small town but I know for a fact that the doors are not locked. Anyone from the outside can come in and out whenever they please.

Sure gun control won’t fix everything but it is a start.

The ultimate goal should be to protect and keep our children safe. We are failing at this and I am not just talking about this tragedy.

Public shootings are becoming a common occurrence. Just this week we have had two of them.

The children and staff who survived will be forever changed. It is the end of the world as they knew it.

I think the polarization of the different sides only causes more harm than good. You have the liberals vs. the conservatives and the believers vs. the non believers. Even in the believer group the various religions are against each other. This is a message of anything but love and acceptance…

Trust me as someone who had religion crammed down his throat as a child and teenager I get how so many people are turned off in regards to prayer and God, but why do to them what so many have done to us. A lot of people are grieving. You don’t have to know any one involved to be connected and feel loss. It is about caring about your fellow brothers and sisters. We might not can agree on much but most everyone believes in love.

Essentially that is what a prayer is… The energy behind it is love.

I struggle to with all these questions. Is there a God out there. Why does he/she allow things like this to happen? Look at Holocaust? Over 1 million children were killed during the Holocaust. With over 6 million Jews being killed during WWII. So I can see why some would stop believing in God. I know I have struggled with my faith.

Then I start to think where do these monsters come from? Are they born that way or are they groomed into the monsters they are today? It is scary of me to think that some people could be born evil. I would like to think of monsters like Hitler were born that why but then that only confirms that true evil does exist. So either people are born evil or life turns them evil, either way isn’t good.

The fact of the matter we need more people to let their own light shine. We are suppose to be the country of the free but look at all we do to take away peoples rights. People are against making healthcare available to everyone. How many people die because they can’t afford to see a doctor? or fear of the cost associated with it. If my Mother would have survived she would have had a medical bill of over 1 million dollars. We aren’t a country that takes care of our people, we are a country of the haves and have nots. You don’t think that doesn’t affect children negatively? Look at our political landscape and elections, all that negativity that is thrown back and force. Plus all the laws being passed taking away the rights of others in regards to women, gay people, etc.

For example the states that don’t allow gay people to adopt or those that do make it nearly impossible to adopt. In a world where so many children go without many things especially love would you restrict two people based on their sexual orientation??? Two Dads or two Moms are better than one, or none… Many children grow up in households that don’t get the love they deserve.

I guess my point in all of this is that we do a lot in this country that represents the opposite of love. We let people know loud and clear what we are against.

Look at our school systems. Bullying has gotten worse. Kids are killing themselves. Many of these children don’t have the support and love they need at home. So what about those who endure the pain and don’t kill themselves? It is logical to think that some might turn the guns on others.

Obviously something is going on.

Sure we can’t protect our children one hundred percent but I believe that we are failing so far. Granted the country is mourning but we need to start to take responsibility for our actions and do what is necessary to protect ourselves.

Fighting will only get more fighting. You get more with love, than you do hate…

We have to come together for our children. We it owe it to them. We owe it to the victims of this tragic massacre, especially the 20 angels who had only started to live their lives. Put aside your petty arguments and think about them. Think about the future we are building for our children.



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