Keep my dear friend Kym in your thoughts, heart and/or prayers!

kymOne of the angels we met on my Mother’s journey to Nashville was this beautiful, strong lady named Kym. She has been such an angel to my family during a very difficult time. My sister first met her months prior to my Mom’s surgery on a site for survivors of Carcinoid Cancer.

Five weeks prior to my Mom’s surgery, Kym had hers. To show you how strong of a lady she really is, a month prior to her surgery she had a fully hysterectomy. While she was recovering from both surgeries she was constantly sending us love and support during my Mom’s struggle with Cancer. She always showed love and care, even when she probably was in agony.

I look at her as my guardian angel and it breaks my heart to see her in pain. Her little one has been sick and shes been nursing her back to health. Last night she hit her head on a table and started to have severe nausea and vomiting.  This morning she went into the ER. They are giving her a spinal tap to test her for meningitis.

Please keep my dear friend in your thoughts, prayers and heart. Send her the so needed healing energy and comfort. She is a warrior queen. Also please keep her husband and kids in your prayers as well.



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