Please pray for my Mama in ICU

Please like and pass along a Facebook page I created for my Mom:


She has had some complications with a lobectomy she had on Aug. 10th to remove a tumor that was blocking most of the airway to her right lung. The kind of cancer she has is Carcinoid, which is a very rare form of cancer. We drove to Nashville, TN to find a doctor that would remove the tumor.

The surgery was a success. They were able to remove the tumor and the lymph nodes, and clean out the area. Plus the doctor was able to save her upper lobe.


After the surgery she had a few expected complications including afib, low bp and high sugar levels which they began to control with medicine.

About five days into recovery her oxygen levels began to drop. She also began to appear more sick. It was then discovered that her wound was infected and that they would need to take her to the OR to open it up and clean it. A CT Scan also showed that the infection was widespread throughout her chest.


During the surgey it was also discovered that her lung had dead tissue in it. At first they weren’t sure if the lung was saveable but thankfully it was.

The infection was massive and caused mom to be sepsis. The bacteria had did a number to her body. The infection made her lungs very sick. We were told if they hadn’t operated that morning she wouldnt have made it through the night.


They took her to the Surgical ICU, where she was hooked up to a respirator. She is in critical condition and the next few days will be important.

The massive dose of antibiotics seems to be helping as her white blood cells are back to normal. She is still very sick and it will take some time to cure this infection. She is still in afib and having some oxygen issues.

The SICU team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee here is something wonderful. They are in around the clock taking care of my Mom. Every morning there are at least 15 of the staff that meet in front of her room and talk about my moms care. It is something like you see on TV!

She is making slow progress. My mom is very strong, a fighter. I am very confident that she will overcome this. She has a long road of recovery but she is not alone.


I strongly believe in the power of prayer, love and positive energy.

Please keep my mama in your thoughts, heart, spirit and prayers. If you know of any prayer/spiritual/healing lists please add my mom. Her name is Connie Stephens. I really appreciate it. Even if it is lighting a candle, anything positive will make a difference.


This is the hardest thing I have ever endured. It is do tough seeing my mom lay in ICU sedated with tubes all over. Im holding on to my love, strength, faith and the support of others to get through this.

Very soon my mom, sister and I will be home, and this will all be in the past. We will weather this storm, where the sunshine awaits. Her time here is not done. She is the world to her grandchildren and soon she will be able to hold them in her arms again. I know it in my heart and soul.






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  1. Kym · August 22, 2012

    I’m so sorry your family is having to go through this nightmare. 😦 My prayers and love are flowing nonstop. I have complete and total faith that your precious mama is going to be completely healed and walk away cancer-free and healthy! I am visualizing a very beautiful, gratitude-filled Christmas for your family this year, with your sweet mama at the center of so much love and joy! ❤

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