Positive Reinforcements

I must remind myself when I am struggling or feeling something negative enter my aura, that this energy is not mine to keep. This can be especially difficult when faced with a particular negative projection from someone else.

I believe being aware of this is half the battle. Once you are conscious that this is about to occur you can begin to work on it. Someone once told me that there are three stages. The first is not being aware of your surroundings or what is happening to you. The second is you are aware but you haven’t started to work on overcoming your issues, insecurities, etc. (whatever is keeping you from happiness) The third stage is not only are you aware of your triggers, stresses, issues, etc but you are taking the steps to overcome them.

It is easy when you are at step two to become discouraged or overwhelmed. Now that you are aware and more open to the universe it is natural to want to want relief fast but healing is a process. A wise woman once told me that you can’t attach a caterpillar to a stick and begin to whip it around, expecting the butterfly to come flying out. All you will do is cause more harm than good. Sometimes you just have to sit back and hold on as tight as you can.

The point is that being at step two you are already so far ahead than you were before. Previously you weren’t even aware, preventing you from growing and moving forward. Being at step two you are at a place to do the work to heal. It is kind of a safe waiting room, a transitional place. So allow yourself to relax and give yourself some credit for being awake now. We are where we need to be, right when we need to be. Healing has steps that you take one day at a time. Slowly each day will get better. You just have to try.

As you grow you begin to put more coping skills into your healing tool box. Using cognative reinforcements and affirmations are really useful/helpful to me. When I am faced with a negative energy and I can feel myself start to take it on, I start to use positive self talk. Quietly I tell myself that this energy is not my own, nor do I have to keep it. Over and over, I repeat this inside my mind. Do it until you overcome and let it go.


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