Overcoming negativity…

It is hard to overcome, especially if you have been battling with it for most of your life. I can really bring you down. I have let others determine my mood for way to long. For the longest time I wasn’t even aware that I was taking on others emotions and feelings. I would have an interaction with someone and instantly took on all their turmoil, not to mention if the person hurt me in some way.

Now that I am aware of this, I have been really trying to overcome it but I really struggle. When something negative presents itself I try to repeat over and over (in my head), that this energy is not me and all them. Sometimes it helps but I still struggle with letting it seep into my consciousness. 

The other night at work I had this lady checkout. She was not very friendly, actually she was rather rude. Prior to her encounter I was having a decent day. I was working outside, so that was good. She obviously was questioning my abilities as a cashier. She even asked me how long I had been working there. I am like, I have been here for over a year! I so wanted to let her have it but I just gritted my teeth and smiled her away. 

I tried to not let her attitude change my mood but inevitably it did. It is really challenging now that I have opened myself up to the world. Previously when I was closed off, I could protect myself more easily. Granted I wasn’t letting in anything positive but still… 

I guess practice and time is the key to overcoming this. A person’s bad attitude is no reflection of me, eve when it is directed at me. It is a reflection of who they are or the day they are having. I need to kill them with kindness. This can be so hard, especially when they are down right mean. I also strongly believe in removing any negative forces in your life, especially the ones that are toxic and only do you harm. Though that is not always possible, especially in a work situation. My father is one relationship that I had to do this to. Sometimes you have to love people from a far. In the end, you have to do what is best for you. 

Now my own negativity is a whole different story. Though lately I have been doing a good job of keeping that in check. Though in directly I feel it trying to creep to the surface. I have felt more at calm since unearthing my spirituality a few weeks ago. Though this weekend I have felt more down than I have since then. I need to remember to use my cognitive skills to help me cope with these feelings. I really need to start meditating. 

How do you overcome negativity in your life?


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