Google beauty…


So with my Mom having Cancer I have been trying to send her inspirational photos, or even funny ones, to help lift her spirits. While at work I did a google image search for beauty and I was quite surprised at the results. 

It reminded of the state of this world, how many things are backwards. I am not saying that these women are not beautiful but I think it is ironic how this is what is pictured. 

Child beauty queens, makeup, skinnyness, nakedness and so on…

Very few minorities, one of them is a celebrity. Most of these women are skinny. No pictures of women who are plus size and no pictures of men. All young women too… and this is just one page of results, it goes on and on and on… of all the same kind of pictures…

Who came up with this idea of beauty? Corporations? 

What are we teaching our children? No wonder kids struggle with identity and acceptance. This kind of image sends a message that being an individual is not acceptable. You must conform to what society feels is beautiful. It all eats away at a child’s self esteem, including their spirituality. Not to mention those who are gay. 

How did we get to this day in age where certain people are ruling over what is and isn’t acceptable? Beauty isn’t something that can be measured on what is on the outside… It is deep within. 

Beauty is in the eyes of a baby. Beauty is the sun setting on the horizon. Beauty are two people who love and care for each other. Beauty is tree in full bloom rooted strong in the earth. 

What is beauty for you?


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