What does normal mean to you?

I heard the word normal on TV today and it got me thinking… Normal can mean many different things. Often times it can have a negative meaning to it. Especially when you are told you aren’t normal. I believe when it is used to describe a person or a way of life it is harmful because it is comparing one person to another or group. In the end, who is it that decides the norm? Be yourself. Stand out. Being normal is over rated! 


2 thoughts on “What does normal mean to you?

  1. Oh I have despised the word ‘normal’ for a long time. People throw it around like it’s a good thing and to be desired. But, I love to be different. It’s super fun and I think it puts a smile on other people’s faces. Maybe my weirdness inspires others to break free from the norm as well. 😀

    Your blog is awesome! Stay in the light and keep on spreading the positive. ❤ It truly makes a difference to those around you.

    • Thanks hun. I am glad you enjoy my blog… I was watching the today show and saw them talking about a new game show called “Are you normal, America?” and I am like really??? I think normal is over rated. Then I was disappointed to hear that it is from Oprah’s network OWN! I think comparing someone else to another is harmful and you will never live up. Just be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks because you can only truly make yourself happy… One of my favorite quotes is from Beetlejuice, “Live people ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual.” I do believe when you are able to be yourself in the fullest it liberates others to do the same! So more power to you sweetie!!! huggs

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