Darkness doesn’t stand a chance against LIGHT!

Darkness doesn’t stand a chance against LIGHT!

Every time I hear a new story of people spewing their hate, especially when it involves violence, it makes me sick to my stomach. It is one thing to think that being gay is immoral and against god but another thing to promote violence and death! These people are so delusional that they can’t see straight. They are controlled by their fears and ignorance. 

It reminds me of the people responsible for torturing and murdering Jesus. What did Jesus do to deserve being hung upon the cross? It was his love, acceptance and purity that was his crime. What really shocks me is when people do things in the name of Jesus. I want to ask them WWJD??? How could they answer that with a straight face???

If Jesus were around today he would be our biggest champion! 

Hearing people like these pastors spew their hate really triggers my past. I have to continuously remind myself that I am no longer in that kind of environment. Sure my father never said I should be in a concentration camp but he certainly said I was going to hell enough times to make me believe it. The path to heaven was on a tight rope, with nothing stopping you from falling to fiery pits of hell.

Rather than face an eternity of flames, I ran as far away from religion as possible but I also turned away from my spirituality. I put them both in the same ball of wax. At the time I wasn’t able to separate the two. I certainly wasn’t able to not be gay. Denying my spirituality is harmful to me as well. 

It is a shame that people like my dad and these pastors feel the need to spew hate. It is harmful and dangerous. So many of my gay brothers and sisters need the healing, loving energy of our maker but have been turned off by theses wackos… I know I am not alone. My hope is that by me sharing my spiritual journey that it will also help other people who are dealing with the same kind of pain.

We can’t let these misguided people direct and chose our own paths. Love will always conquer hate! ALWAYS! The time has come to hold hand and let our love and light protect us from the darkness! Darkness doesn’t stand a chance as long as there is light! 



2 thoughts on “Darkness doesn’t stand a chance against LIGHT!

  1. I wrote this from the point of view of an angry atheist™ (me), but I think it would be as meaningful from the point of view of a liberal Christian.

    Love your neighbour unless he’s gay, has another faith or doesn’t pray.
    Unless his book has a different cover, love thy neighbour like a brother.
    Jesus said it, it must be true! Love those next door like you love you.
    Could you point it out—I think I missed—where he inserted an asterisk;
    A footnote-list of caveats, of those you shouldn’t love like that?

    Am I wrong,
    Is it really true,
    He merely meant those
    Who are just like you?

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